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Lappy Repair Service is the well-known name for all laptop & computer repair in Gurgaon with high skilled & experienced technicians. We provide good quality work with three months guarantee.

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We are a team of expert engineers(Technicians) who have a good knowledge of all branded laptop repair and they provide the excellent and very cost-effective laptop repair service in Gurugram and provide the computer on rent also. We provide the good condition laptop on the rent and provide the maintenance of all laptops at the same price.

Are you looking for a laptop repair specialist in Gurugram? One who can be trusted? So no need to think more we are here for your problem. We the best laptop service provider in the Gurgaon and we are the trustworthy also. We are one of the most leading experts in our field, we believe in the result only so we get success in all issues regarding the laptops, desktop, printer, etc. all the services are provided with three months of guarantee.

Best laptop, computer & printer accessories provider in Gurgaon

Lappy Service Zone is a big name in IT service and computer hardware supplier in Gurgaon. We provide all kinds of accessories at the Nehruplace rate. We provide the accessories like a laptop screen, keyboard, hinges, power adapter, charger, motherboard, Network cable, battery, touchpad, camera, Hinge, monitor, CPU, FAN, etc.

Deal in used Laptop, Computer, Printer & Cartridge in Gurugram

Do you want to sell your old laptop or computer and want to purchase a better configuration laptop? We are the big dealer who works in the sale/purchase of the old laptops. You can sell your working or non-working laptop at a good price.

Our Services


There are many common problems in laptop display screen such as screen broken, vertical & horizontal lines, Blue screen, white display, black spots, flickering, no display error, etc.

We observed two problems –

  1. Hardware Related Issues – Broken, Black circle or spots that increase slowly, Vertical & Horizontal lines
  2. Software Related Issues – Blue & White Screen
  3. Display Cable Related Problem – Flickering issue

Vertical and horizontal lines appear on the screen is very common whether it belongs to a laptop, computer, or desktop PC. The main reason for these lines is physical damage and this kind of screens are not repairable they will be replaced only.

Fixed – Flickering laptop screen issue


The keyboard of the laptop is not completely damaged unless pouring liquid on it. Some of the keys get damaged which stop working. We can fix the nonworking keys of the laptop keyboard that can save a good amount of money.

  1. Replace nonworking keyboard keys
  2. Fix missing keys
  3. Replace full keyboard


Many people do not know what is laptop hinge, what are their functions on laptops? The main functionality of the hinge is to connect the keyboard area to the screen part. When do you open and close the laptop screen then mostly these hinges do break? We fix the broken hinge and the base where they attach with the laptop body.

  1. Repair Broken Hinge
  2. Fix the Broken Laptop Body where these hinges are connected
  3. Fix Laptop Body and Flap Cover


Laptop chargers are very bad when the light is sometimes more or less when you have it. If the light fluctuates, it affects the volt of the charger and the charger gets damaged. By the way, chargers rarely go bad. Mostly its cable is bad. If the cable of the charger of the laptop gets damaged, then we change its power cable. You would cut the cable of it in the middle and put another cable.

Cost of faulty Charger power cable replacement – Most service centers refuse to replace the cable and want to convince users to purchase the new Adapter but we can replace the cable in 250 – 350 Rs as par laptop model.


In case your laptop fan is making a lot of noise then you need to get that laptop fan serviced. If it fixed in service then no worry and use it. Otherwise, you have to replace the fan.

Why Choose Us

Lappy Service Zone has started the laptop repair and services business in Gurgaon in 1997 and providing services for more than 20 years in laptop repair, computer repair, printer repair, and cartridge refilling in Gurugram. We have good experience in the IT industry for laptop repair and cartridge refilling in Gurgaon & Gurugram.

Qualified Expert

We have a team of experts and have 5+ years of experience in laptop, computer, printer repair & cartridge refilling.

Workmanship Quality

We have trained our engineers in such a way that they can handle all kinds of problems at client locations.

Quality Professionals

We believe in quality, not in quantity. Our technician will give you 100% satisfaction before leaving the place.

Flexible Schedule

If you have fixed the appointment with our technician and for any reason you want to change the schedule. No Issue.

Affordable AMC

Get the best price AMC for your laptop, computer & printer at home. We provide the AMC at a reasonable price.

Special Offer

Get a special offer on the service of laptops & computers. We give a 15-35% discount on computer accessories and service.

Our Satisfied Clients

We work on both residential and commercial projects e.g we take the AMC of big firms and provide the service to individual customers. We have joined big It firms in Gurugram and associate with them for more than 10 years. We have a good relation with our customers.


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My experience with this service center was fantastic. They provide me the prompt service in an emergency and the technician was behaving like the best friend. Fixed my MacBook display issue.

Amit Shrivastava

They have done an excellent job to replace my WD hard disk in warranty and even though I purchased the HDD from another service center. This is the best laptop repair service center in Gurugram. Many Thanks to the team for collaborative effort.

Doli Jain

I am very much impressed with the service provided by Lappy Service Zone. They picked my laptop from home fixed and delivered same day without any extra service charge. The technician was also very knowledgeable.

Sunder Sahiwal